Troops Overseas Say Thank You to USO of Northern Ohio

Good Morning,

I just arrived in Erbil Iraq and received an awesome Care Package from you all and just wanted to thank you. We have a Care Package self that Soldier, Airman, Marines and Navy can come and take what they need/want.

Let me tell you a little about myself, my name is Jimmy Sanderson but people call me Sergeant Sanderson. This is my 4th deployment to the middle east, I had 3 in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. I am a Chaplain Assistant, A chaplain is preacher to Military personnel, he is also someone that is just there when someone wants to talk or have someone to listen. I basically do the same but I don’t preach and I assist him with what he needs. This is my last tour and just started and it is a 9 month deployment.

The main reason I am writing is because in all my deployments I have received packages from different school, companies, churches and I always meant to write them and thank them but things get busy here and I forget and then when I get home I regret not thanking them because I see the impact it has on Soldiers, Airmen, Marines, and the Navy. So this tour I decided no regrets.

Let me explain to you about this deployment, it isn’t just American Soldiers but there are at least 6 other countries that are here, the countries are: Germany, Hungary, Canadians, Italians, Belgium and United Kingdom. There are also Non-Military here and we even have help from the local population. They are all here to make sure that their country is safe from bad people.

I have attached a picture of myself to make it more personal and a picture of the Care package area so you can see where your donations go.

Thank you again and hope to hear back from you.

Thank you, Jimmy

Thank you all so much for the caring words, the cards and the gifts you all sent in the packages. The troops have so very much appreciated everything you have done to support us during the time of global conflict. Each card is read by a Sailor, Soldier, Marine or Airman. I can speak for them when I say that your words of encouragement bolster our spirit as we complete our daily missions.

We truly appreciate all you have done and the efforts you guys have spent on making the boxes so awesome! Right now we have an abundance of toiletries, but our troops really love all sorts of snacks! Your service to us really makes us feel loved and cared for when we are so far from home. Please pass on all our thanks to the many volunteers. You truly exemplify the patriotic American spirit and it is so nice to know we have such caring people at the home front who are thinking about us.

Very Respectfully, Chaplain - Navy

We all are so thankful for your kindness. Your gifts and care packs go a long way in and around everyone here in our little camp. I share with all that has needs here. As we are all one team one fight bound together. I have showed the pictures of USO & the SISTERS of ALPHA OMICRON PI. Plus placed them on the wall of OHIO family and friends willing to help out our great country and military. Thanks for your love and know that all of our love is coming back to ALL OF YOU.

Thank you all, MSgt - USAF

Hello, I wanted to thank you and the entire Northern Ohio USO for the opportunity to attend the Cleveland Browns / Tampa Bay game this past weekend. I took my parents to the game and we had a blast!!! I look forward to the opportunity to attend another game in the future. Thank you so much! I have attached a few picture of my family and I at the big game this past weekend for your enjoyment! Again, THANK YOU!!!

Justin SGT(P) US Army Recruiter

USO of Northern Ohio, Thank you so much for the generous gift bag you made for our family for the arrival of our baby, Joel. There are so many wonderful handmade items as well as store-bought goodies that we will put to good use. We were overwhelmed by your generosity. Thank you

The Kondrat Family Avon Lake, OH

Hello Tanya,

I really enjoyed the game this past Sunday against the Oakland Raiders. I wanted to say thank you to Joe Thomas also because with the help of the US and Joe Thomas I wouldn’t have enjoyed special bonding with my family after not seeing them for a year because of a deployment. I met a couple other navy guys there and really enjoyed their conversation.
Thank you again I really appreciate it.

From, David

Wanted to say “thank you” to Ms. Tanya and the USO for the tickets to the Browns Game this weekend. Had an amazing time with my family

Staff Sergeant
Cleveland, OH

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